Neocons believe that a new war will divert public anger to a positive outcome, ie to focus public anger on a new common enemy, rather than focus public anger on the Neocons themselves for their failed foreign policy. Neocons believe too that a new war will kick the hegemonic can down the road — while concentrating public anger on their version of the bad guys! — thus diverting attention away from everything else.”

— Whither Next Neocons? 6 August, 2019

Since then Washington’s media sycophants have simply mouthed the same geopolitical hegemonic platitudes they’ve invoked in the past. As many have proposed — Douglas MacGregorSeyed Mohammad Marandi, and Vladimir Putin for example, the issue is that Washington believes its own propaganda – and has acted on it – for many years now. And apparently most people of the United States have swallowed the western media narrative for decades, too.

But global alignments have entered a new multi-polar phase, where the western Entente Cordiale regarding Washington’s global hegemonic domination – as aided by a subservient Europe in NATO – is not only challenged, but quite apparently in its end game. Reasons for the foregoing include, among others, US America’s reliance on false accounting, Modern Monetary Theory, and digital dollar illusion in place of real industries and real production of real goods.

The illusion is such that Washington’s multi-billionaire Oligarchs – many of whom made their fortunes based on corruptionblackmail, or just plain nonsense – believed that picking a fight with their number one goods supplier, China, will somehow rehabilitate the former United States to become a major world industrial power again after many decades of decline. They are wrong.

Washington’s power brokers (and the wealthy interests who own them) have stumbled into an Imperial Quagmire that has sunk empires of the past, from the Roman / Holy Roman, to Britain and Austro-Hungary, and Germany’s Third Reich, as base examples.

Today’s geopolitical scene looks much like that of Europe prior to World War One, where Germany wished to suppress the alliance of France and Russia as rising industrial powers, prepared to challenge Prussian military might. The difference today is that instead of Germany, it is the former United States – weakened by its own hubris, arrogance and many major foreign policy blunders – that hopes to suppress Russia and China as competitor world powers.

In our present crises we have seen that Russia and China at least attempt diplomatic relations with all nations beyond their own alliances, diplomacy and reason engaged in on the world stage, whereas Washington and its NATO allies ideologically bound, cannot. The Western Collective is only capable of bluster, threats and fomenting more war and more destruction wherever the former United States and its circumspect partners – ie partners by US dollar interest only – deign to tread.

Meanwhile, isolated and abandoned by the “Global South” and spurned by a Non-Aligned Movement that is now de-facto aligned via BRIICS and the SCO, Washington drifts more aimlessly than ever, attempting to project power through violence, weaponry supply to belligerent regimes, and weaponization of an increasingly marginalized $ US via sanctions and theft

Arch-Neocons Fred and Kimberly Kagan tour Basra Iraq

Perhaps the most succinct example of Washington’s marginalization is the irrelevance of NATO as a military or even political enforcement regime. Formerly engaged in war crimes in Serbia, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, NATO has not been effective regarding the Ukraine war on the Donbas since 2014. NATO cannot and will not openly partake in the Ukraine conflict, and the former United States is powerless to order NATO to do so. Why? Disregarding complex political considerations of its NATO members, the former United States has fallen behind other world powers. Here’s how.

NATO/ US have learned that their militarization-on-the-fly by arming the Ukraine with weapons (touted by US and British incorporated media interests) and so-called intelligence, prove not only ineffective but ultimately doomed to defeat. Even if weaponry production in the former United States has expanded recently, US/NATO technology in general has fallen far behind that of Russia and China.

The US-provoked war in the Ukraine (region) since 2014, has allowed Russia to prove and research new battlefield weapons, tactics, and strategy, while improving and updating older systems that are effective on Novorossiya terrain. Ridiculed by the West, the successor to the BMP-3 is signal to methods by which the Russian military develops its future equipment, as opposed to the incorporated hype that drives all US American duplicity concerning western weapons production.

The US creation of failed states has reaped some benefit to Wall Street interests over many years, but the US Failed State debacle in the Ukraine is quite simply another failed state too far,,, more so than in Afghanistan, which the former United States worked for forty+ years to destabilize and destroy. Subsequent to decades of endless wars from Korea and Vietnam to the present, a hopelessly lost Secretary of the US Treasury wishes to confirm via a corrupt regime — hopelessly mired in extortion, bribery and corruption for many decades — that the Biden regime can support the annihilation of the Israeli Concentration Camp known as Gaza and the debacle US State engineered in the Ukraine, at the same time.

But alas, for the United States to support just two wars simultaneously is not enough: Washington’s Neocons now bray for war with Iran, and ultimately to take on China over Taiwan. In the event we are counting, that’s a total of four wars:





Now, consider too, that the US military is still committed to occupations in Iraq and Syria which may escalate at any moment. By all consideration, Washington /US State are apparently unconcerned about the geopolitical trap that the Axis of Evil has trodden into. Wall Street remains robust and the Federal Reserve’s usual magic tricks cap yields… at least for now. But major players in the US debt game have fled or are fleeing the trap of US Treasury debt instruments (T-bills, Notes and Bonds) divesting from the weaponization of US finance that has accompanied the abject weaponization and militarization of the American mind.

US America once stood for some semblance of realization regarding the limits of its own power. Under the current dysfunctional Biden Regime – and likely any future US regime – that self-realization regarding limits to US military and financial power is no longer in existence. Occasionally, some hint of guilt enters the American conscience, but this is truly a rare event.

The United States has succumbed to the tonic of destruction that has plagued all Empires: fiat “by-decree” currency creation, endless wars, and the process of Empire where the “periphery expands while the core bleeds” as Michael Parenti once described it. That expansion is only allowed by the creation of US dollar currency, whether by hook or by crook, and a bribed/ distracted US citizenry willing to tolerate it. But as the title of this article asks: for how much longer can this eventuality prevail? That is, in tandem with the rest of the world beyond the US/NATO no longer willing to fund America’s Exorbitant Privilege.

We are in a rapidly changing world, which has already changed to see some marginalization of US power. The Failed States the US creates, and the blind eye the former United States turns to human rights outrages, cannot be ignored forever, while hypocritically touting for a “rules based order” where only the US and its interests determine the rules. Well, the rules beyond Empire have changed already… and that’s certainly not a change favorable to the corrupt interests that now own and operate the US regime.

Steve Brown