The facts about the CIA’s projects AERODYNAMIC, Project Fiend, QRPLUMB (and other projects since 1947) to destabilize the Balkans and Ukraine region — to strike at the Soviet Union — have faded and been obscured over time. But now, with the conflict in Ukraine, it is essential to update and document the destabilizing activities up to the putsch of 2014, such as the role of ebay founder billionaire Perre Omidyar who targeted the Ukraine for regime change beginning about 2010.

Omidyar’s anti-Russia phobia is something of a mystery, but likely began with family roots. Omidyar is of the class in Iran that directly contributed to the eventual revolution there, by cooperating with CIA Operation Ajax in 1953, that led to Shah Reza Pahlavi’s brutal reign of terror, for many years after.

And just as those who fled Vietnam in 1975 had close ties to the US military regime there, when Omidyar’s parents fled Iran it’s likely they had close links to the Pahlavi regime and anti-Soviet sentiment based on difficult relations between Iran and the USSR at the time.* It’s also possible, but not proven, that Omidyar’s father, Cyrus, had CIA connections, as Doug Valentine has written

opsis is here: Complicating the issue is Glenn Greenwald as accessory to the crime, via the “Intercept” where Greenwald wrote to assist in obfuscating Omidyar’s CIA connections. Does Greenwald regret that now?]

Pahlavi’s entire domestic security establishment was setup by the CIA, and in exchange for that, Pahlavi allowed an anti-Soviet CIA spy base to operate from eastern Iran. Project Dark Gene and Project IBEX are relatively obscure CIA operations, but notable, as run by notorious CIA operative Richard Secord and his Military Advisory Group under CIA boss George Bush.

CIA’s Secord is notable too for his participation in the CIA-operated Nugan Hand Bank, which criminally collapsed by 1980. (Note that Secord’s wikipedia page has no mention of his proven connection to Nugan Hand!)

Likewise, the Ford Foundation operated as an anti-Soviet intelligence-gathering operation in Iran for many years, under the guise of ‘charitable operations’. The Ford Foundation’s former intelligence role in Iran (and Iraq) has been obfuscated over time, but is personally known to this author by revelations of the CIA agent directly involved in its operations then.

Point being that those who fled Iran in the 1970’s (such as Omidyar’s parents) from students to diplomats, usually had solid links to the United States and strong anti-Soviet/anti-Russian sentiment, then as today. But whatever Omidyar’s motives, under media cover — where the western media not only colludes with the CIA but is an instrument of it — Omidyar’s billions funded US NGO’s which worked to destabilize the pro-Russian government of the Ukraine.

(What’s striking about Omidyar’s NGO/ USAID and NED regime change operations is their abject illegality by all iterations of international law. If US adversaries had trillions to spend undermining western states, and such was discovered by the west, no doubt force of arms would ensue. Well, well.)

A little-known adjunct to this is Omidyar’s “Rappler” social media network in the Philippines, which the Phillipine government wisely shutdown. The Philippine government has waxed and waned between Pro-US and non-aligned, and no doubt Omidyar hoped to tilt the scales. Even though Omidyar failed with Rappler, his agenda seems to have succeeded with the Philippine government now firmly in the pocket of the USA.

In controlling social media, Omidyar perhaps hopes to compete with the notorious NewsguardToday, Omidyar Network is releasing a new vision and strategy to help the platforms, their users, governments, and nonprofit advocates make private messaging safer by curbing the flow of misinformation, hate, violence, and extremism. Omidyar is not explicit about how this censorship plan will work, AI or not. At a minimum, Omidyar is evidently recommending back-doors for western intel ops into Messenger, Signal, Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp, ProtonMail and other apps.

And funded by endless Federal Reserve trillions to fund endless US wars, the CIA and its associates like Omidyar, the Atlantic Council, and State Department all intersect. They intersect via In-Q-tel and OPIC the Overseas Private Investment Corporation founded by Nixon, and whose operative militarist arm is the USAID US government overt regime change operation.

One key individual to historic US-Ukraine covert operations is Natalie Jaresko, aka Natalia Ivanivna Yaresko. Jaresko is a former State Department operative from decades ago, and was Minister of Finance in the Ukraine after the US coup there in 2014, now a “Fellow” of the sinister Atlantic Council.

Beginning with DataGroup telecoms in 2010 (and in fact much earlier at US State) Jaresko worked for decades to facilitate what became the Nuland-Pyatt putsch in the Ukraine. Is she connected to billionaires like Omidyar? At least through his contributions to media outlets which pushed for regime in the Ukraine… yes. And today via the Atlantic Council? Definitely, yes.

But the greater issue is the evolution of the US Inverse Totalitarian State where billionaire Oligarchs like ebay’s Omidyar — aided by lackey’s like Jaresko — work hand-in-glove with US federal government intelligence services and shadow regime change operations (like the NED) to destabilize and potentially destroy the world, on behalf of US business interests. Also astounding, is that simply researching any US ambition whether ideological, military, or financial since 1947, uncovers the participation of that most corrosive Gestapo-like US governmental entity, the CIA and related US intel services and their lackeys who regularly engage in deeply criminal activities. …well, just so long as their operations can be “plausibly denied”!

Most remarkable of all is how the CIA and its corrupt/criminal minions from organized crime to the National Endowment for Democracy and CIA-owned western media have attempted for many decades to destroy Russia… and yet. And yet the CIA has not destroyed Russia. The CIA and its owned politicians and operatives have only succeeded in destroying the west itself: Bank failures. (FTX, Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic.) Devaluing US securities and financial panic. Crumbling infrastructure. US sanctuary cities as a sanctuary for crime. Perversion and debauchery at the highest political levels. Europe divided and in trouble, ruled by a Totalitarian EU entity. Ukraine on fire.

With western Oligarchs like Pierre Omidyar and many more, overseeing this all. Thank you, CIA States of America.

Steve Brown

Novus Confidential

*“At core, the thesis argues that the trajectory of Pahlavi foreign relations specifically (and to a certain degree Mohammad Reza’s regency more broadly) owed principally to a deeply-rooted belief in, and perceived necessity to guard against, the Soviet Union’s (and Russia’s) historical ‘objectives’ vis-à-vis Iran”

Ford Foundation in Iran see:

3 thoughts on “Pierre Omidyar, the CIA, and the Ukraine

  1. le traumatisme doit remonté ,au grand père, pendant la période soviétique.
    son père était trop jeune, l’URSS à essayé plusieurs fois ,de mettre en place.
    une république socialiste , et l’invasion Anglo soviétique; à du marqué.
    cette famille à vie , un sentiment d’humiliation.

    Mossadegh n’a pas du arrangé les choses, cette famille doit pensé.
    que les tensions engendré par l’URSS, en affaibli la monarchie.
    et amené la république islamique.

    y’a comme une forme de messianisme, détruire le mal russe.

    une chose est sur, un coup d’état se prépare en Russie.
    ça commence , à ce voir.

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