À la mémoire de mon chère père (1923-2004)

Il nous a quitté le 10 juin 2004. Dix-huit ans sont passés mais ta profonde érudition, tes blagues fameuses et ton style sont encore vivantes!

In memoria of my beloved Dad (1923-2004)

He left us on 10 June 2004. Eighteen years have passed but your deep knowledge, your famous jokes and your style are still alive!


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    1. À votre place je ferais très attention. Vous vous êtes adressés à quelque chose d’infiniment dangereux.

      Le centre du pouvoir vient de se déplacer de Washington à Londres.

      1. India and the confessional crisis – Rybar’s analysis

        Anger and indignation of the Arab world :

        Just a couple of days ago, an interesting event happened in India: the press secretary of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) , Nupur Sharma , spoke rather blasphemously about the Prophet Muhammad and his wife Aisha during the interview.
        Immediately after that, another member of the party’s press service, Naveen Jindal , duplicated Sharma’s words on his Twitter account.

        These reckless actions caused indignation in the Muslim world. The Indian government promptly suspended two members of the BJP, but Muslim countries accused New Delhi of inciting hatred of religion and demanded a public apology.

        Countries that accused the Indian leadership of anti-Islamic statements:

        ▪️The Foreign Ministries of Qatar , Kuwait , Iran and Saudi Arabia called Indian ambassadors to present notes of protest.

        ▪️The press service of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation , which includes 57 countries of the world, accused India of deliberately inciting hatred against Muslims.

        ▪️Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif urged the international community to pay attention to the situation with the violation of the rights of Muslims in India.

        ▪️Authorities in the UAE , Bahrain , Jordan , Turkey , Indonesia , Libya , Maldives , Malaysia , Oman and Afghanistan have also condemned manifestations of anti-Muslim rhetoric.

        ▪️High-ranking representatives of the Muslim clergy in different countries called for a boycott of Indian goods in the markets of the Persian Gulf countries.

        This has led to the removal of Indian-made products from the shelves of many stores in the Gulf countries.

        ▪️On Arabic-language Twitter, one of the most popular hashtags was an expression of anger towards Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi .

        The extremely thoughtless words of the Indian politician were a serious blow to India’s foreign policy. In recent months, there has been a revival of India on the world stage. By leaps and bounds there was an increase in the volume of cooperation with Saudi Arabia and Iran.

        However, against the backdrop of seemingly successful actions in the foreign policy field, internal problems relating to violations of the rights of the Muslim population and the development of Hindu nationalism were hidden from external eyes. The words spoken against the Prophet Muhammad exposed the gaps in the activities of Narendra Modi and his party.

        In addition to the consequences in the diplomatic arena in the form of a cooling of relations with Muslim countries, India may face an even more dangerous problem – the anger of radical Islamists.

        The threat of the development of Islamic radicalism :

        The international scandal caused by the actions of officials of the ruling party in India can cause sad consequences not only for the country, but for the entire region as a whole.

        Everyone remembers very well what happened in France after President Emmanuel Macron’s offensive words for Muslims and Charlie Hebdo cartoons in October 2020.

        Only in this case, the situation can take a more serious turn due to the presence of a significant number of Islamic radicals in neighboring countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan . And this is without taking into account the terrorist organization’s Lashkar-e Taiba, Jaish – e Muhammad and Al-Badr , which have been operating in the state for many years in Jammu and Kashmir .

        🔻 Who can step up their activities in India?

        ▪️ Al-Qaeda
        In 2020, the regular magazine Nawa-i Afghan Jihad was renamed Nawa-e-Gazwah-e-Hind with publications in Hindi. Along with this, there was a reorientation from Afghanistan to Kashmir.

        After the Taliban came to power, the “faded” organization received a second wind with the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan.

        Since last August, the leader of al-Qaeda ( now Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS )), Ayman al-Zawahiri, began regularly making video messages to Muslims in India and calling for the fight for their rights.

        According to a UN report dated May 30, the Taliban provided militants with a foothold for training members of their group in the southeastern part of Afghanistan.

        On June 7, the official media service of the organization published a statement about the beginning of a holy fight against the oppression of Muslims in India due to statements against the Prophet Muhammad.

        ▪️ Islamic State
        The departure of Western troops greatly contributed to the expansion of the zone of influence of the Afghan branch of the IG “Vilayat Khurasan”.

        ISIS began a confrontation with the current Afghan authorities, increasing their activity every month.

        By the beginning of 2022, IS fighters were fully present in the border provinces of Afghanistan and Pakistan, which made it possible to expand their activities also in India.

        The Indian branch of the IS “Vilayat e Hind” on March 25 published a video in which it was said that the militants have three training bases with already trained people in India. They call on Muslims to take their side to start a jihad against the Indian authorities.

        However, the option of conducting a full-fledged campaign against the Indian authorities at least until the end of 2022 is unlikely. Currently, all the resources of the ISIS are involved in the struggle for influence with the Taliban.

        ▪️ Taliban
        We have already written that most of the Taliban lived by war and one goal, which was lost after coming to power in Afghanistan. The option of waging another “jihad” may seduce especially radical members of the Taliban.

        This is confirmed by calls to fight against the Hindus for the freedom of the population of Jammu and Kashmir on the Russian-language and Dari-language Taliban resources “Voice of Afghanistan”.

        The active participation of Taliban members in India should not be expected due to the presence of serious internal problems in the form of resistance led by Ahmad Massoud and the spread of ISIS.

        However, this will not prevent them from providing a springboard for the training of radical Kashmiri groups and al-Qaeda militants.

        Who benefits from the loosening of the situation in the Central Asian region?

        Speaking about the possible consequences for India and the region as a whole, one should not forget what benefits this promises to certain countries. War for some is a heavy loss in all spheres of life, while for others it is an opportunity to enrich themselves and strengthen their influence.

        🔻 Who benefits from the conflict in Central Asia?

        The main beneficiary in this case will be the UK. We have repeatedly written about the public return of Britain to world politics, the revival of its former status and the shift of the political center from Washington to London.

        What will the British gain from fomenting frozen conflicts?

        ➖ Even greater weakening of US influence

        Considering the fact that the US has been positioning itself as the “world gendarme” and “hegemon” for many years, the unleashing of new conflicts will automatically involve the Americans in their resolution. The United States will have to spend resources and forces to finally not lose face.

        And this will be happening against the backdrop of a severe socio-economic crisis within the United States itself.

        In addition, we must not forget about the military aspect. Due to the conflict in Ukraine, the United States is no longer able to fully fulfill its obligations under the contract with Taiwan in a timely manner . A serious conflict in India, which the Americans are counting on in a possible confrontation with China , will greatly complicate the situation.

        ➖ Destabilization in the post-Soviet space

        A surge of terrorist activity in India and Pakistan from the territory of Afghanistan will definitely affect the CIS countries, which are in relative proximity to the two countries.

        This will force Russia to shift its attention from the European zone to the southern borders of the CSTO and weaken the combat potential near NATO’s borders.

        Chaos in India will also hit Russia very hard due to the huge level of economic cooperation between states.

        ➖ Tensions in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

        “Holy Jihad” in the state of Jammu and Kashmir next to the Chinese region with separatist sentiments can seriously undermine the fragile stability in the border areas.

        The emergence of terrorist threats from India will jeopardize the implementation of economic projects in Pakistan, the importance of which for China is enormous in the context of the confrontation with the United States over Taiwan.

      2. oui mais cela me semble plutôt être un repli stratégique et plus précisément a la City dans l’attente des élections de mis mandat aux USA !
        les mondialistes ne veulent pas mourir sans avoir renverser la table de jeux et y avoir mis le chaos !

  1. S’il est une chose qu’un père puisse espérer après sa mort, et c’est mon cas, c’est qu’un de ses enfants ait envie d’écrire une telle phrase 20 ans plus tard. Précieux hommage.

  2. Et les salauds,la secte de parasites juifs khazares,veulent nous enlever cette précieuse structure familiale,où il y a un père et une mère et des enfants.

    Pour la remplacer par deux pervers,et leurs permettre d’adopter des innocents pour les prendre pour esclaves sexuelles et les rendre plus pervers qu’eux.

    C’est le grand danger de ce siècle,cette histoire du genre,pour remplacer unhomme,une femme,un garçon et une fille.et détruire la cellule familiale naturel qui existe depuis l’existance de l’humanité, depuis eve et Adam.

  3. *toute mon affection mon cher ami, se rappeler ce n’est déjà pas si mal, et il ne dépend que de toi pour qu’il en soit encore ainsi, (et comme le disait si bien Georges Brassens, quand il pensait à ces amis disparus, c’est toujours vers le gazon son regard se portait …)


    *Tu connais mon point de vue sur la question, avant c’était l’un, pendant (chacun a fait selon ses propres convictions et désirs), et après c’est encore et toujours l’un

  4. « Nul homme n’est une île, un tout en soi ; chaque homme est part du continent, part du large ; si une parcelle de terre est emportée par les flots, pour l’Europe c’est une perte égale à celle d’un promontoire, autant qu’à celle d’un manoir de tes amis ou du tien. La mort de tout homme me diminue parce que je suis membre du genre humain. Aussi n’envoie jamais demander pour qui sonne le glas : il sonne pour toi. »

    Devotions upon Emergent Occasions, 1624

  5. Je vous salue Marie, pleine de grâce ;
    Le Seigneur est avec vous.
    Vous êtes bénie entre toutes les femmes
    Et Jésus, le fruit de vos entrailles, est béni.
    Sainte Marie, Mère de Dieu,
    Priez pour nous pauvres pécheurs,
    Maintenant et à l’heure de notre mort.

    1. Radio Notre Dame avec sa voix mielleuse de curé sodomite… j’en ai soupé… à ne plus croire mes oreilles

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