4 thoughts on “Iran’s Cruise Missiles on Second Day of Naval Drill (CGTN)

  1. Une idée sur les caractéristiques et la portée de ses missiles de croisières ? Sont ils aussi efficace que le tomahawk, le kalibr ou le scalp-eg ? En tout cas belle performance des Iraniens, avec le développement de leur marine et de ses missiles, ils seront bientôt en capacité de frapper Israël de n’importe ou dans le globe !

  2. Hi it’s Neo again

    I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of being pushed around by people who call themselves “government.” As a kid I remember always wondering “How is it that other people came to have so much control and power over my life?”

    I remember one year my father was creating a mileage log, sprinkling water on it on a table on our porch of our house and putting it in the sun to make the pages look as though they were aged. It was for many years before I realized what he was doing… he was creating a log for the IRS in case he was audited.

    Looking back in my 20’s when remembering the incident I thought to myself “What a bunch of total B.S.” Seeing the incident as a kid I had no idea what was going on, but all that was transformed in my adult life. When the issue of taxes came up in my teens and early adult life I always wondered “why am I giving these people anything?”

    One of my first tax clients was a medical doctor in his late 60’s and retired from the Army as a full bird colonel. He’s a very bright and intelligent guy though shy, timid and more than a bit afraid of taking on the IRS and challenging his taxes.

    The first question I ask all my tax clients is the same and funny enough their responses are likewise almost always the same. I asked “why do you pay federal income taxes?” His response “Because my mother told me to.”

    That is epic.

    He went on to become a client and I saved him over $280,000 in the first tax return I prepared for him and much more in many other years both state and federal.

    It’s true that there are powers at work behind the scenes working diligently to brainwash and propagandize us into believing things that SIMPLY ARE NOT TRUE.

    I’m hosting a Free call tomorrow evening Tuesday February 12, at 8:00 p.m. EST 7p.m. CST 6 p.m. MST and 5 p.m. PST where I will discuss the origins of Emergency War Powers and how the government uses it to control nearly all Americans lives today.

    The phone number and pin are: 712-775-7035 Participant Code: 100547

    In my talk tomorrow night I’ll be discussing some of those things that will be the subject of my multi day seminar next month beginning on the 20th.

    Do we need government, Absolutely. No question about it.

    Do we need government that sticks it nose into our private affairs where it doesn’t belong? HELL TO THE NO!

    If you are sick and tired of unwarranted government intrusion into your private affairs you won’t want to miss my call tomorrow night. Below are the times and call in number.

  3. traduction :
    Les iraniens tirent des missiles de croisière lors de la deuxième journée d’exercices navals !
    (l’exercice se déroule dans le détroit d’Ormuz . ndt )

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